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  Close Information Gaps with Found Engine®

Other semantic technologies are using semantics to express and query data.  At LinkSpace®, we're working to organize with semantics. Our Found Engine® and suite of products, Semantic Correlation Server and Tag and Connect, work together to organize your information and close the gaps on and across networks and portals.

The Information Gaps in your network are barriers to communication, informed decision making, productivity, coordination and innovation.  They cause delays, duplication of effort, missed opportunities and confusion.

Use our Semantic Network tools to leverage your investment in People, Tools, Network and Information to achieve breakthrough results.


  New Distributed Architectures
  New Paths to Information

Collaboration LinkSpace® provides a distributed collaboration environment for multi-disciplinary communities to connect, compare, contrast and critique information across networks.

Knowledge Management One of the greatest impediments to capturing knowledge is figuring out where to put it.   With LinkSpace®, any information, any where, can become a touch point to share knowledge within a community.

Communication Every story has at least two sides.  LinkSpace® allows you to frame news and events by delivering your perspectives in your context with the headlines.

Discovery New architectures create new ways to discover information.  With LinkSpace®, new paths to information are created, letting you LinkSurf® your way through discovery.


The Semantic Internet:

LinkSpace® powers the Semantic Internet - see

"Where are we now?
Web 3.0:  The Web, Deconstructed. 
Where are we going?
   Web 4.0:  The Semantic Web on the
    Semantic Internet." 
                               - Thomas Bascom





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